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  • Best of the Week: 12/01/17

    Just when using the term “recent events” seemed old habit, out come new revelations that change the definition for the even worse.  This has been a week of unsuccessful reconciliation; deeming escapism and head burying a valid and reasonable reaction.  Music has always done that for us here, but never so unconsciously.  Subtle purposeful ignorance is the most sinister. The… Continue reading "Best of the Week: 12/01/17"

  • Rae Morris – “DO IT”

    Some people handle pressure well.  They take it in stride, ushering it into their mind as nothing other than a vague yellow light suggestion of, “Maybe hurry it up a little?”  But even if you don’t handle peers demanding things of you without getting cold sweats, there’s a darling lass from Lancashire that offers you a song that comes as stress… Continue reading "Rae Morris – “DO IT”"