SOAK -“Knock Me Off My Feet”

There are several weak spots located next to our collective Achilles heels for tunes that sound like the best Shout Out Loud tunes, the ones where Bebban Stenborg exhales and a comforting white noise tucks you into bed with a story a la “Hard Rain”.

When she’s not fighting for her rights, Ireland’s Bridie Monds-Watson, aka SOAK, sounds just like that on a regular basis, with ‘Goodnight Moon’ in her every jugular exhalation. The latest and her first for 2019 is “Knock Me Off My Feet”, a song best played on a singular loop while you’re still in your pajamas.

SOAK began as whispers in a bedroom into a recorder that earned her a Mercury Prize nomination at the youngest age ever, but Monds-Watson’s leaf seems to have turned a few times over, revealing a new sound full of energy and momentum and declarative statements.

This is all in lieu of her sophomore album, Grim Town, due April 26th through Rough Trade Records, promising a central premise of “a dystopia that I’ve created in my brain: me on the inside, processed into a pretend location.”

“The way I could wrap my head around a lot of what I was going through was to make it feel like something quite physical and real. Once I had the idea of the album being an actual location, exploring the dynamics of this town and what it would look or sound like felt like the right way to give my mental state a personality.”


We’re looking forward to visiting Grim Town with her ASAP.

Grim Town Tracklist:
01. All Aboard
02. Get Set Go Kid
03. Everybody Loves You
04. Knock Me Off My Feet
05. Maybe
06. Fall Asleep, Backseat
07. Crying Your Eyes Out
08. I Was Blue, Technicolour Too
09. Deja Vu
10. Scrapyard
11. Valentine Schmalentine
13. Life Trainee
14. Missed Calls

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