Paddy Hanna – “Bad Boys”

Unconventional song structures are made and discarded all the time in music, often during the genesis of the construction, and always left by the wayside in an earnest search for the cheaper materials to make the shiny hooks and more sturdy bridges.

That’s why  a song or an artist that embraces the unique is always such a wonderful find.  Dublin crooner Paddy Hanna is all the best parts of Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, and Josh Ritter in one properly bearded youngster.  His music ranges from slow loathing songs with antagonistic sparks of falsetto to grand Beirut-esque stage pieces full of strings, brass, and exotic flair from seven different genres.  The best example of the latter is nestled in his sophomore release Frankly, I Mutate.  “Bad Boys” is the perfect montage of blurred carnival lights streaking by and a few hazy shots of a people eating cotton candy at night.  Hanna lets his voice dip and rise and crash in what sounds like four different vocal styles, but with the porch piano and trailing strings it still holds the shape of beautiful moment in the summer.


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