Laura Veirs – “Everybody Needs You”

After her incredible collaboration with K.D. Lang and Neko Case appropriately titled case/lang/veirs, Laura Veirs has resurfaced in time to hock some of her wares from her tenth album, The Lookout, due out April 13th.  Veirs, now a mother of two, has spent much of her recent time meditating in her garden studio on what it means to be a mother and a creative artist, and where the two identities overlap.

When you become a mother, you’re taking a big risk, risking your own heart every single day that your child is alive. When you’re an artist you’re also taking a risk. You are risking your vulnerability, your income, your stability. But when you can do those things and embrace them both, you will have a full life. It is a privilege to be an artist, and it’s a privilege to be a mother, too.

Her wickedly named podcast, Midnight Lightning, interviews artists on similar parental journeys.

“Everybody Needs You”, the first single from The Lookout, illustrates what it’s like to try to make sense of your own tangled mind in the fabric of a chaotic world.  How can you find balance when things around you seem so opposed to it?  It’s a wonderful source of insight.

The Lookout is out April 13th via Bella Union Records

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