Month: January 2018

  • The Best Songs of 2017

    Having just finished our 2017 Albums list, we can decisively say that in comparison, songs are the more fun of the pair; they are freewheeling tarts, floating amongst a single subject, sometimes two even, then wafting on its way to find another ear to dance in.  It can become a manic joy to go through them again at a year’s… Continue reading "The Best Songs of 2017"

  • The Best Albums of 2017

    We’ve lit some pumpkin spice candles to help convince ourselves that this list isn’t as late in coming as it actually is.  Those other websites (*dramatic eye roll*) release “Best Of…”  summaries before the year is even over; something The Lazy Flame seems unable to do without feeling like we’ve cheated someone, somewhere who might have just released their mountain cabin-born… Continue reading "The Best Albums of 2017"