Fieh – “Glu”

Of all of our favorite bits about music-kind, one of our most favorite is how artists don’t seem to recognize genre, even if it had just cavorted by on the street with a sign telling them where it belonged and in what section of their lives it should fit.  When people make good music, it’s defined and definitive of their personal lives, not a category.

Norway’s Fieh (pronounced like the Tune-Yards song Fiya by our reckoning) enjoys the hustle, but dig the flow.  Their tunes are made of pieces of the best movies they’ve ever seen, taking the panning skyline shots, stealing the climactic kissing in the rain scenes and buttering them together with the long drive montages.  “Glu”, the debut single from the group, has all the rhythm of a bouncing subway ride, and all the groove of an empty jazz club as you sip on your third choice beverage.  The Oslo nine piece is led by the vocals of Sofie Tollefsbøl, a 22 year old with all the tenor of a cabaret club matron.

“‘Glu’ is about liberating yourself from what other people think. I wrote the song on a day when many older men had recently been telling me what I should do and not do when working on my music. It made me think, I’m a 22 year old girl, how can you know what I should be doing? I’ll have to do this my own way — and I guess I’ll sing about it too…”


Glad you did ‘mam.  Glad you did.

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