Common Holly – “Nothing”

Like being stuck in traffic during rush hour; several hours to go until your destination, life can be wholly in the shitter at times.  Perspective is usually lost during moments like these; the concept of world hunger pales in comparison when you still have dinner to cook when you get home.

But sometimes during those same moments, a beautiful thing can happen, like a murmuration of birds heading North, or a baby in a backseat seeing you.  The music of Québec’s Common Holly is similar, in that it feels fragile and trapped in the middle of things undeserving of it.  This can mostly be derived from how sparse her music can be, featuring just her voice and a few guitar chords at times.

“Nothing” goes a bit larger, with triple-layered harmonies and percussion.  But it ends almost as soon as it begins, becoming one those fleeting songs that needs to be appreciated in the rear-view mirror.

Common Holly’s first full-length, Playing House is out now via Solitaire Recordings.

[Common Holly BandCamp]  [Official Website]  [Facebook]  [InstaGram]


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