Fake Palms – “I’m Not There”

Something changes in the world when covered in blankets and pillows of snow.  It feels more cozy/comfortable and serene.  But also infinitely more punch-able.  For days full of feelings for the latter, appropriate soundtracks exist to match.

Toronto’s Fake Palms are smack dab in the middle of touring for their sophomore effort, which released in September, Pure Mind.  The record is 34 minutes of characteristically muffled crooning, with some bolder/quieter moments that set the tone of the entire eleven track return (see “Holograms” and “Cannot Describe”).

The tallest amongst the bunch is the churning and steamrolling “I’m Not There”, weaving in and out of traffic with guitar, bass and percussion, all hunkering down in the song until it hits the fast lane and the open road during the chorus.

Singer and guitarist Michael le Riche:

“‘I’m Not There’ is a meditation on modern society and where we’re at as a whole. It’s not a political statement by any means, it’s us trying to find our place while feeling completely alienated among consumer culture and the general egomania of the selfie generation.”

It’s also just really friggin’ fun to listen to.  The accompanying clip, featuring a favorite childhood character, Spot the Dog in an animated version of his flip-book Where’s Spot, is accurate in showing us that some stories should stick to one medium.

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