Adrian Underhill – “Weather”

And in the delightfully strange category, right next to Sun showers and pretzel crackers, is “Weather”, the new single from Vancouver’s Adrian Underhill.  If he indeed did not pluck his last stage name from Tolkien’s works, any disappointment is quickly wafted away in this pseudo-remix of an original song.

Credit where credit is due; Underhill’s voice is definitely the current on which everything flows.  But much of its feel – steeped half in a children’s album of songs of encouragement and half in a jolly skip down main street not giving a damn – is due to the brilliant production by Adam Bainbridge; who, having recorded every errant tidbit of Underhill’s studio performances, added meandering keyboards, new percussion, and even went so far as to bring in the excellent jazz pianist Kamasi Washington and DāM-FunK to give the song more curves and eddies.

“Weather” is the fourth of such releases from the Canadian artist, who is set to debut his album, CU Again, on February 9th via Indica Records.

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