Electric Guest – “Glorious Warrior”

Musical pairs are somewhat of an oddity, often resulting in a clash of egos or unequal partnerships that go awry early in the game.  Los Angeles based duo Asa Taccone (vocals) and Matt Compton (everything else) seem to have found the right salts to end that curse in Electric Guest.  Taccone and Compton often work separately, sending parts of songs to each other in a very Postal Service type of way.  The creation, sometimes growing from lyrics, sometimes from a melody, often results in Electric Guest putting out music that can vary dramatically in style and quality.  One moment their songs sound like a Michael Jackson inspired gospel romp, another moment they sound like a boy band on their sophomore record.

“Glorious Warrior” is of the latter ilk, thanks to Compton’s deft hand with production, it bubbles and far outshines every thing else on Electric Guest’s new record.  The result of shelving most of a first attempt at a more somber record, Plural kept only two tracks; one of which was “Glorious Warrior”, the other being the acidic fairy tale of an album opener, “Zero”.  The mixture of two records could explain why the first two songs are the best bits; dipping two of its eleven toes in a darker, and deeper pool.

That being said, Plural is still worth a listen, but if you wanted to get the best view of what Electric Guest is capable of, look no further.

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