Best of the Week: 11/03/17

We chose our website’s name for a reason.  Months have passed, and while we’ve been listening to plenty of the tunes, we haven’t necessarily done the sharing of it here.  Sometimes music is for the private soul, and other times you want to spread it around your circle of friends like some good cheer, but this very thin excuse didn’t keep us from missing you, all that time.  Let’s get back into the swing of things.

Jen Miller – “Fine” (ft. Eros)”

Because:  The decision to match Miller’s vocals that could fit into any genre it gosh-darn wanted to, with jazzy trumpet croons and swings might be one of the smartest choices in song-crafting we’ve heard this month.

[Jen Miller Official]  [SoundCloud]  [Twitter]

Branchez & Big Wet – “Turn Up On the Weekend”

Because: Every second of this video is the result of when willpower meets money.  A wise man’s thesis on production and the music industry could be done on the result of Country and Club.  My boyz and I drive to Ultimate Frisbee with this jam pumpin’.

[Branchez FaceBook]  [Twitter]

Jemal Four – “Take A Picture”

Because: The sick riffs and the Young Thug references.

[Jemal Four SoundCloud]

Divinity: Original Sin 2 OST – “A Part of Their Story”

Because:  Some of the fractions of time mentioned as our excuse for not posting were due to this beautiful black hole of a game that we had to claw our way out of, and yet still haven’t had the time to finish.  Some similar patience is required in order to get to the good stuff around 2:30 mark, where strings swell on waves and crash/thunder/sweep you into a low tide of glowing portals and ethereal wisps.  Imagine slaying monsters and earning XP to this.

[Divinity Official Website]  [Divinity Original Sin 2 MetaCritic]

Bishop Nehru – “7:17”

Because: It’s not really seven minutes and some change long, but “7:17” is an opus with a backing track that spreads (justified) social angst like seeds for birds.  The kid is talented.

[Bishop Nehru SoundCloud]  [Twitter]  [Facebook]

Vulfpeck – “Birds of a Feather, We Rock Together”

Because:  The American Funk band is known for their tongue-in-cheek tunes that vary on a spectrum of cute to booty shakin’.  Here, guest Antwaun Stanley extends that spectrum to a new extreme of blisssssful.

[Vulfpeck Official]  [Twitter]  [BandCamp]

Simian Ghost – “Climb The Walls”

Because:  You can almost hear this playing during the credits of the new Indie Darling that AWWW’s its way to the top of a yet to come film festival.  But “Climb The Walls” is a tune for beautiful and happy endings, and sunsets still to come, so that movie may be a long way off in our current film culture of face-the-facts and invitations to jump into fires.  This band has no titular relation to Simian Mobile Disco.

[Simian Ghost BandCamp]  [SoundCloud]  [Facebook]

Carly Rae Jepsen – “Cut To The Feeling”

Because:  Although this could be one of the worst music videos to come out in 2 aught 17, with all the build up in set production and friendship and Carly doesn’t even change her clothes and proceeds to sing a song about the morning after the dirty deed in front of her grandmama; but the song is bouncy good and it’s inhuman to deny so.

[Carly Rae Jepsen Official]  [Facebook]  [Twitter]

Shame – “Concrete”

Because:  It’s as if New Order’s “Blue Monday” got a brasher, bolder makeover, with more dynamic eye shadow/cheek blush contrast and a fuller, brighter lip color.  I had to look up most of that to check if they were really things.  They totally are.  Basically, Shame brings the bass drum stomping and mic standing flipping into the big stadium setting on “Concrete”, and it’s beautiful.

[Shame BandCamp]  [Facebook]  [InstaGram]

Teen Ravine – “Hall of Horrors”

Because:  A matter-of-fact telling of the things that terrify one’s self, with no hyperbole and exaggeration doesn’t land as heavy and won’t entertain crowds; but it will make a discrete and intimate song all the more powerful.  And isn’t Teen Ravine just a fantastic name?

[Teen Ravine FaceBook]  [SoundCloud]  [Twitter]

Haley Heynderickx – “Oom Sha La La”

Because:  Heynderickx’s vocals are heart-rending, but her chorus here is part Sesame Street and part Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom incantation.  It sounds even better when you add your own voice to the titular Oom Sha La La’s.  It’s tough not to admire artists who make their diary entries into songs verbatim.  Especially when they’re well-written ones.

[Haley Heyderickx BandCamp]  [Facebook]  [SoundCloud]

Bodies Be Rivers – “None the Wiser”

Because:  If there was a girl named Samantha with pigtails who fancied going to the park just to ride the carousel all day, she would likely ride side-saddle and every which way but proper and even hanging upside down until she had a turn on every one of the animals, then go home.  She would do this every day.  And she would listen to this song while she did.  “None the Wiser” is a beautiful song unlikely to care if five-year-olds get a turn on the tiger on the carousel.

[Bodies Be Rivers Official]  [SoundCloud]  [Facebook]

Radiohead & Hans Zimmer – “(Ocean) Bloom)”

Because:  Although this amounts to but a teaser trailer for the second rendition of the BBC’s ‘Blue Planet’, the clip features a tune that features expertly delivered spoken lyrics by Sir David Attenborough, …and also Hans Zimmer and Radiohead.  If there’s anything the three parties are perfectly suited for, it’s providing the guiding rails to let our minds ride the cinematographic coaster the documentary series is known for.  We weren’t quite prepared to feeeeel things while watching pictures of parrot fish.

Have a great week.


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