Farm Hand – “International Dreams”

Part of what we consider the definition of pe·cu·liar  to be seems based on the dissonance between two things we don’t usually see paired:  a green flamingo, a peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwich, my mother dancing.  Such is the way of Farm Hand; a solitary project from Islet member Mark Daman Thomas, now running amok in the Welsh countryside with his recording equipment and an wide-eyes.  Thomas/Hand is just released his first long-player, appropriately titled International Dreams.   To steal a description from the artist’s bio, Farm Hand and International Dreams is:

“…the sound of Daman Thomas being restored to factory settings after moving from Cardiff to his homeland in the sparsely populated hills of Mid Wales. “


To state that the majority of his music sums up to a candle-lit viewing of all the beach scenes from Chariots of Fire during a concert of Gregorian chants with surely be over exaggerating, but not misleading.  “International Dreams” is the most accessible of the collection, so look further at your own risk of monotone exhaustion.  That doesn’t mean the album isn’t something to stop and visit, only that this single is the lone on-ramp.

[Farm Hand BandCamp]  [Mark Daman Thomas Official]  [Shape Records]


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